Casual Cold Lake Engagement Photography


Casual Cold Lake Engagement Photography

This is a great session for couples that simply like to have fun and love to laugh. The heart of this session is a mix of beautifully captured playful moments. The photographs have a very natural, elegant and “ a moment caught in time” feel. Casual couples seldom like looking straight at the camera.

What Creates that Casual Look in Engagement Photos?

First and foremost, schedule the casual engagement session later in the evening.  During the golden hour, the light is the softest, most flattering and creates that golden feel.

​Casual Couple Photography Poses

Wish I could give you a engagement photo shot list, but here is where those photographer skills go beyond just taking a photo come in. A great photographer should give some guidance to help you get going if you find that you’re camera shy (most couples are by the way). Someone with experience will do the trick and in no time you’ll have great engagement photos you’ll cherish forever.

Casual Engagement Session Tips

  1. Don’t have a fight before this session, the camera will pick it up 🙂
  2. Book an engagement photographer that you feel at ease with
  3. Choose an outside location for the engagement session that you both enjoy visiting, or is close to your hearts.
  4. Don’t do multiple outfits for this session as it breaks the flow, trust me on this.

​Casual Engagement Photo Outfits

  • ​​Wear clothes that are, you! For example, if you are a jeans and T-shirt kinda gal you don’t want to put on stockings, high heels and a dress! You’ll be super uncomfortable and it will showt in the photos.
  • What about accessories? If you normally wear a necklace and earrings, go for it. Little diamond or pearl earrings will do the trick.

Kristy and Brandon, both wore casual photoshoot outfits. Kristy decided on a light-flowy spaghetti strap summer dress with sandals while Brandon wore jeans and a T-shirt.

They both wanted the engagement photoshoot location to be in Cold Lake as that is where they both grew up. They felt right at home and it really showed in their photographs.

As you can see, their furry baby came out for a portion of the session as well. They truly made this engagement session their own and kept it casual to their style.

​Cool Things To Do With Engagement Photos

Kristy and Brandon both got a Fine Art Canvas to display in their home.


City: Cold Lake, AB
Location: Cold Lake Marina