Fun & Casual Winter Engagement Photography


Fun & Casual Kelowna Engagement Photography

Okanagan Engagement Photos in the Winter

This is a great session for couples that simply like to have fun, love to laugh and like the candid engagement photography style. The heart of this session is a mix of beautifully captured playful moments. The photographs have a very natural, elegant and “a moment caught in time” feel. Casual couples seldom like looking straight at the camera or like to "pose" for photos.

Are you up for a winter engagement session? Great! Before we start, here are some tips:

  1. It will be cold, dress appropriately. Add colorful & fun accessories like hats and scarves. They'll look super cute. 
  2. Start earlier in the day as the daylight goes fast in the winter.
  3. Add a lot of extra time. If you plan on shooting for 1 hour, add at least 30-45 minutes in case you need a break from the cold and warm up.

What Creates that Casual Look in Engagement Photos?

The key here is to, "be yourself" so finding a photographer you feel at ease with is super important. It's not easy to let guards down...but just being yourself and having fun will create a very "easy" and fun feel to your winter engagement photos.

Casual Couple Photography Poses

Wish I could give you a engagement photo shot list, but here is where those photographer skills go beyond just going off of a checklist. A great photographer will give guidance to help you get started if you find that you’re camera shy (most couples are by the way). 

Casual Engagement Session TIPS

  1. Don’t have a fight before this session, the camera will pick it up 🙂
  2. Book an engagement photographer that you feel at ease with
  3. Choose an outside location for the engagement session that you both enjoy visiting, or is close to your hearts.
  4. Don’t do multiple outfits for this session as it breaks the flow.

​Casual Engagement Photo Outfits

  • Wear clothes that are, you! For example, if you are a jeans and T-shirt kinda gal you don’t want to put on stockings, high heels and a dress! You’ll be super uncomfortable and it will show in the photos.
  • What about accessories? Definitely! Finding a nice scarf & well fitted hat & gloves will add to the Okanagan Winter feel.

Nikki & Max chose a winter session as they wanted the wintery feel. A lot of couples prefer to wait until the summer time. However, if you are getting married in the summer, chose a different season to get a variety in your photographs! Winter engagement photos in the Okanagan have a beautiful look & feel too. There are so many locations in Kelowna that are spectacular in the winter!


City: Kelowna, BC
Location: Summerhill Winery


​Kinga went above and beyond to make our engagement shots unique and beautiful. It was -15 degrees out, but she braved the cold with us and wouldn't let it phase her! Truly the hardest working, most engaging and friendly photographer I've ever worked with.

​We​ hired her for our wedding as well :)​

​Nikki & Maxx ​kelowna, bc