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If you're ready, to have the wedding photos you've always dreamed of then I have some very good news...

My FREE magazine, "How to Get the Wedding Photos You've Always Dreamed Of" - reveals all you need to know to cry tears of joy, not darkened regret when you see your wedding photos for the first time!

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My FREE magazine, "How to Get the Wedding Photos You've Always Dreamed Of" - reveals how you have experience:

  • Dropping Wedding Photos That Capture The Emotions, Moments and Treasured People in Your Life
  • Without Overpaying for a Mediocre Photographer
  • Booking someone that doesn't understand Your Vision
  • Won't Make You Look Gorgeous or Even Stress You Out on Your Wedding Day!

The One Part of Your Wedding You Get to ... Take Home

He asked. You said yes! The date is set. And now, there are a million things to do – all of them super-important!

But there’s only one thing on your wedding day (besides the gifts!) you get to take with you and keep forever – the memories and moments.

And the only place to keep those memories alive is your Wedding Album.

Videos are great, but there’s something special, something personal, something profound that stirs deep inside when you turn through the pages of your very own custom designed wedding album.

Filled with beautiful photography, you want an album that allows you to relive the memories, and the special people who celebrated with you on your wedding.

Album Box Kinga Studios

But there’s just one problem:

How Do You Know If The Photographer is Any Good?!

When you start shopping around for photographers, how do you know if someone is any good?

How Do You Know The Photographer Will Actually Deliver What They Promise?

Will he or she be able to deliver the images you had envisioned?

How Do You Know 

What To Budget for a Photographer?

Do your expectations fit your budget?

How Do You Know 

What To Ask A Photographer?

Do you know what questions to ask a photographer to see if he or she is the right fit for you?

How Do You 

Avoid Unnecessary Stress

You need to avoid unnecessary stress, but you don’t have time to become an expert in photography.

How Do You 

Find An Organized Photographer

You just want a super-organized professional to handle all the details and then hand you a timeless memento filled with gorgeous photos, so years from now you can re-live your wedding day.

A Photographer is a great wedding investment.”

- Cindill Clarke -

Imagine the photos below, are from

Your Wedding...

Which image would you like to have as a momento from your cake cutting?

The image above or the image below?

If you answered, "the image below", keep reading!
You need to get your hands on the FREE magazine,


10 Secrets to BeautifulWedding Photographs...

How to Get the Wedding Photos You’ve Always Dreamed is a high-quality printed magazine we will mail to you. ​

It will help you make sure your wedding day gets captured and presented in the most beautiful and luxurious Album you can imagine. 

Inside, you will:

  •   Be Surprised At the toughest task for any photographer to get right, and how getting it wrong leaves you with second-rate photos (Page 14)
  •   Discover Why Your Photos Might Not Look As Good As the ones in your photographer's showroom - and what you can ask them to make sure they do! (Page 17)
  •   Discover a Common Mistake Brides Make When booking a photographer, and the super-easy-way to avoid getting an album that disappoints you (Page 22) 
  •   ​How To Communicate Your Vision So your photographer is on the same page. What could happen if the answer is, "no". (Page 24)
  •    Discover the TOP 10 Qualities Your Photographer MUST Have ...And ​why hiring your uncle, "Bob" or your best-friend, "Judy" to do your photos could be something you'll regret for the rest of your life (Page 28)

Let's Explore Some Things You'll Discover


re-touching 101

See the difference between an, "out of camera" (left) and a "fully re-touched" image (right)? Most photographers slap on a filter (like on Instagram) and call it re-touching, but it's not! Secret #4 goes in depth about re-touching and is filled with before/after photos to show you the difference. 

Soon you'll know the difference between a fully re-touched image and a filter so you don't get stuck with an additional  re-touching bill!



If you haven't thought about signing a contract with your photographer, now you know you need one. Rest assured ​the contract will be filled with tons of "stuff" to protect the photographer, but what about YOU?!

If you have no clue what the contract should include to protect YOU, you'll know after reading secret #10! 

​​A Bad Wedding Photography Experience 

You do not have to attend a wedding to hear what others have experienced. These are snippets of random reviews left on YELP by real couples. Since I live in Canada I used the reviews from our friends in the USA.

Do not let their experiences become yours:


​...​When we receive our proofs, my new bride started to cry. ​ It should have been a reminder of the happiest day of her life,  but it was just a  reminder of what a terrible job they did and how our magical day was not captured.

​Steven S.

YELP REVIEW Beverly Hills, USA


​I have no pictures of me with my grandparents, no pictures with me with my daughter, no pictures of the ceremony set up. I was told this could all be photo-shopped in and "fixed". Sorry, but this isn't acceptable from a "professional" wedding photographer.

​Kat's M.


​When I finally got my proofs, my fears were confirmed. There was no creativity, the photos were bland and had no depth. They were so bad that I couldn't even bring myself to put together the photo album.

​Melissa S.

Here is What You Get

canada post

A printed magazine you'll receive in the mail.

Filled with extremely helpful photos, including examples that show how ordinary locations can be transformed into breathtaking, magazine-quality imagery.

You’ll learn about every important decision you’ll have to make, questions you need to ask your photographer (other then the price list), and mistakes you want to avoid.

Plus This Special BONUS!!

You'll also receive a little something extra to help narrow down your photographer:

7 Point Checklist:

7 Things You NEED To Ask A Photographer BEFORE Your Ever Book An Initial Consultation or request a price list!

It'll save you time by pre-qualifying your photographer!

My Top 3 Decision Chart:

Rate Your top 3 photographers!

This chart will help you see who has the highest rating to help you make your final decision faster! 

Who Is This Magazine For?

  • If you are a bride-to-be (a.k.a you still didn't get married)
  • If photography is one of your top priorities
  • If you want jaw dropping wedding photos
  • If you want to look absolutely gorgeous in your wedding photos
  • If you want beautiful wedding photos that capture the emotions, moments and special people in your life

Who Is This Magazine NOT For?

  • If you don't care about the quality of your wedding photos
  • If photography is NOT important to you 
  • You do not value photography
  • Your idea of a perfect wedding day is simply to "wing it"


As I'm covering the wedding reception guests sometimes come up to me and to share their (horror) wedding stories or awful experiences they've had with their past wedding photographers.

Often times, it's sad to hear. Sad to see the emotions, hurt feelings and heartaches, but ​what's worse:​

IT COULD'VE BEEN AVOIDED IF ONLY THEY'VE ASKED THE RIGHT QUESTIONS instead of just asking for the price list.

..But it wasn't their fault. They're not pro photographers or amateurs for that matter! There was NO WAY to know this photography stuff. So, to save you the potential anguish I wrote the, "HOW TO GET THE WEDDING PHOTOS YOU'VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF" magazine.

I know that by asking just a few of the questions listed in the magazine, will ensure you have better photography experience and it will aid you to find the perfect photographer for your wedding and truly have the photos you've always dreamed of!

Kinga Mroz-Dyrda
The Insanely Organized Wedding Photographer

Q & A

Here are the most common questions we've received:

Why Do You Need My Home Address?

We need your address to ship the magazine to you. It is a physical printed copy and we need to know your address so we know where to send it.

Do I Need to Pay for Shipping Charges?

No. There are no shipping or delivery fees. This magazine is 100% FREE.

Where do you ship?

Currently, we ship only to Canadian residents residing in Alberta & British Columbia.

why are you giving this away for free?

On Page 31 of the magazine, I have photos of my old studio in Edmonton. Now I'm living in Kelowna and those photos need to be replaced with my new studio. So, instead of throwing away the 49 copies I had left, I figured I'd give them away for FREE instead of tossing them in the recycling bin. (Normally I sell the magazine for $14.97 + GST/PST)

If I Have Questions Who May I Contact?

Please feel free to send your questions or comments to

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