Modern Chine Inspired Wedding


Winter Romance Wedding

Having your winter wedding photos taken in Edmonton can be quite chilly. They do however, have a special charm that cannot be seen in the spring or summer. The landscape is covered in white and as snowflakes fall from the sky, everything seems peaceful.

This may be the only time of year where choosing an outdoor wedding ceremony venue might not be the best option as the temperatures fall into the -20. Due to cold temperatures, there aren’t a lot of winter weddings in Edmonton.

Couples choosing to exchange their, "I Do's" in the off-season have a few of perks!

  • Vendors may offer an off-season discount as they are less busy
  • Your choice of inexpensive wedding venues increases significantly
  • Guests may be happier as you free up a summer weekend
  • You may feel less stressed to get some things off the check list

Winter wedding colours and themes change yearly. Winter wonderland themes have always included various pastel shades.

The natural outdoor light is not in abundance during the winter. In fact, the light disappears really fast as you progress into the afternoon. If you are having a late ceremony, it is a great idea to schedule your family and bridal party formals before the ceremony. Allowing for extra photography time is also a great idea as you may wish to have a break between takes to warm up. Red cheeks might be cute in some shots, but not all.

Why choose a winter wedding?

Coady and Andrew King chose a winter wedding for many reasons. For one, Andrews two brothers Neil King and Ryan King are busy playing for a The Edmonton Eskimos CFL team during the summer.

The bridesmaids BCBG dress was light pink and it suited the girls perfectly.

The venue colour theme consisted of whisper pink, crème and rustic gold. Large diamonds served as table numbers and they chose ruffle chair covers. The tables had lots of candles to have a warm and inviting feel. The guests were entertained by, 'The Red Piano'. This party was rocking!

The photos are very lovely and tell the story of our wedding day nicely - COADY KING