Maui, Hawaii Destination Wedding


It’s been over a decade since my husband & I wed in Mexico. We’ve never been ones for the spotlight & after being together for over a decade before marriage, we decided a destination wedding was the best fit for us. A small, intimate sunset ceremony at the edge of the ocean.We had arranged everything through the resort wedding coordinator:

  •  Horse drawn carriage? Check Reality: a toothless donkey drawn carriage.
  • Wedding cake? Check Reality: a lovely cake that was decorated with seashells made of LARD.
  • Professional photographer? Check Reality: The ‘professional’ was a sous chef at the resort.

The wedding album the resort provided to us was a hot mess. When we saw our album, I realized I had never asked to see examples of other weddings the resort photographer had done. I was sad at the lack of quality with our photos & disappointed that the resort failed to provide a qualified professional to ensure our memories would be captured. I was upset because we’d paid a lot of money for the results of an amateur photographer. I had high expectations for our wedding day. The reality is, it is just ONE day & nothing can ever be perfect. It sure wasn’t perfect but it all of it was memorable. My advice is to make sure you choose the best photographer to capture your memories. After that, don’t worry about the little details; be present during your big day; experience every moment and know that you are surrounded in the love of everyone present with you.

The Problem:

When hiring a resort photographer you assume the photos you're looking at in the consultation room are taken by the same photographer that'll photograph your wedding. Nine times out of 10 its not and tears are shed after the fact. Don't let this happen to you!

The Solution:

Bring a local photographer with you to your destination wedding. It's not as expensive as you think.

There are some locations I'd love to visit, so if you're planning on getting married there, please send me an email ( & I'll gladly extend special pricing:

Thailand, Meldieves, Paris